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At Digital Age Lawyers we focus on making legal business information understandable and actionable for both business clients and individuals. The Digital Age has new risks to your family and business. We understand those risks and work with you to ensure that all your assets are protected. Katherine Hawes, the Founder and Principal Solicitor of Digital Age Lawyers, is all about 'bringing the law to the people'. Her products are affordable, on trend and responsive to an emerging need for cost effective and knowledgeable advice that assists business owners, their employees and their families. WE PARTNER WITH YOU Digital Age Lawyers is right for you if you want a trusted advisor – we are your partner – not just someone to turn to only when you are in trouble! Contact us now to grow your business, protect your assets, and stay on top of your legal obligations!' • We help you to grow and protect your greatest assets • Ensure you have the right business model in place • Assist you with getting the right agreements in place with vendors, team members, investors, partners and others • Guide you in exploring potential opportunities • Evaluate insurance buying decisions, asset protection planning choices, and tax saving strategies • We keep you out of trouble • All of our fees are fixed fees agreed to in advance, so there are no surprises. Contact us for a confidential chat and let us help you with your legal needs

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