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I founded Evidion in January 2020 after seeing too many organisations struggling to use data correctly to make evidence-based decisions. I am dedicated to helping people make better decisions through the use of evidence, based on economics, demographics and data analytics. Before founding Evidion, I spent more than 20 years providing high quality evidence-based advice to federal and state governments on a wide range of issues and challenges. During that time, I saw up close the decision making processes of governments, ministers, senior officials, business leaders and leaders of community groups. A common feature of almost all of the good decisions that I saw, regardless of who was making them, is that they have been based on evidence. However, the vast majority of decisions that led to bad outcomes were not consciously or deliberately well-intentioned when decision makers had tried to take evidence and analysis into account. By studying the processes behind decisions that led to both good and bad outcomes, I have identified the most common ways that organisations and individuals can improve their decision making processes. These learnings have been underpinned by insights from the fields of data science, business, economics, psychology, mathematics, anthropology, finance and sociology to deliver the Evidion approach. Evidion specialises in providing practical demographic and economics insights that unlock value for our clients. - Are you seeking to understand the age, cultural, linguistic or other characteristics of the people living in an area so that you can market your products or services to the people living there? If so, Evidion can help. - Are your products or services most appealing to a particular demographic niche and you're trying to find where your target market lives or works? If so, Evidion can help. - Do you have a proposal that you need to submit to government or council that would benefit from economic analysis to demonstrate the value and merits of your proposal or idea? If so, Evidion can help. Evidion generates most of its income from advising governments, councils, large corporates and lobby groups. However, it is in all of our interests that Australia has a thriving, dynamic and innovative small business sector. For this reason, Evidion is committed to helping small businesses to get established and thrive and provides a range of at cost or below cost services to businesses and organisations with less than 100 employees. If this is you, please email us at No cost for your initial consultation.

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