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Queensland Intellectual Property Law Firm Your Brisbane based Intellectual Property Lawyers for patents, trade marks, copyright, designs, drafting and negotiating licence agreements, commercial litigation and technology commercialisation. Matthew Sulman & Associates specialises in protecting our client's intellectual property rights including patents, trade marks, copyright, designs, trade secrets and confidential information. We assist clients to prepare and negotiate licence agreements and facilitate commercialisation of technologies. Intellectual Property Law We are an east coast based Intellectual Property Law practice specialising in the protection, prosecution and commercialisation of our client's intellectual property rights. We advise clients in relation to the range of intellectual property rights available to them including patents, trade marks, copyright, designs, circuit layouts, plant breeders' rights, confidential information, trade secrets and aspects of same and protect those rights through commercial agreements, statutory registrations and, where necessary, enforcement through the Courts. We can assist with drafting and negotiation of contractual arrangements to capture and enhance the value of our client's intellectual property assets and advise in relation to the most appropriate structures to best facilitate commercial outcomes according to our client's particular requirements. We are Registered Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys as well as experienced Intellectual Property Lawyers and so can provide our clients with a full range of services from drafting and preparing patent, trade mark and design applications to dealing with disputes involving intellectual property rights should they arise. We also provide services related to the commercialisation of intellectual property rights such as preparing commercial agreements to ensure the enhancement and protection of client's rights to assisting with the incorporation and administration of suitable corporate structures to unleash the potential of intellectual property assets. To learn more about our firm's skills, please visit our practice areas page or simply contact us to make an enquiry or arrange a meeting. Why Choose Us We take pride in our working relationship we develop with our clients and consistently strive to deliver timely, accurate, cost effective and commercially beneficial advice. Experienced Legal Team Matthew Sulman & Associates has over 20 years experience assisting clients with issues relating to the protection, prosecution and commercialisation of intellectual property rights. Tailored Services We aim to gain a thorough understanding of our clients' business goals and to offer legal services which are tailored to assist our clients to effectively and successfully deal with often challenging and complicated issues. Legal Range We've effectively dealt with mining services suppliers, medical device technology developers, sporting organisations, film production companies, artists, musicians, authors, exporting manufacturers, product importers, IT consultants, natural health practitioners, building industry contractors, hospitality professionals, property managers, securities industry consultants, property valuers, and extreme sports licensees. Client Success Our clients range from individuals and small to medium businesses to large corporations.

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