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Why choose Procurement Integrity Services?

Like all businesses in the global economy, to retain their competitive edge, Procurement Integrity Services Australia (PISA) maintain highly specialised staff with skills and services in core procurement areas, such as contract management, tender development, negotiation and contract development. On top of this, key PISA staff are trained in the legal complexities associated with tendering and contract management, with a strong staff development focus on advances in Contract Law, Tendering Law (such as the principle from Hughes Aviation and other similar cases), relevant Torts Law (such as Negligence) and relevant legislation (such as the Trade Practices Act). PISA staff are also conscious that the costs associated with a purchase may sometimes exceed the immediate dollar costs incurred by the purchasing organisation. PISA understands that in certain situations, the evaluation of value for money needs to also consider the social and environmental impacts associated with that purchase. Therefore, at PISA we not only provide clients with the certainty of achieving the best buy for a good/service by managing the provision of that good/service in the most effective and efficient manner, we also provide clients with the peace of mind that the legal risks associated with a purchase are minimised. Through maximising savings and minimising risk, PISA's specialised procurement expertise WILL add value to your organisation's business.

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