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Why choose Relationship Resolutions?

Relationship Resolutions was created for you. With over 30 years experience and a passion for working with people in all different relationship arenas and from all different backgrounds. I help people, make informed choices in their relationships and assist with the legal process that may follow a separation/divorce or the commencement of a second, third marriage. Love is love, however business is business, would you leave any job half finished? What would happen if you met the love of your life and you haven't finalised your past relationship? What about your children, they deserve the stability of both loving parents, don't use them as a pawn against your ex? How do you make a step family work? The legal process doesn't have to cost you thousands and thousands of dollars and it is not difficult, explained in simplicity and whilst working with you through emotional situation, we work together to clean up your backyard and move you to a happier place. Wherever you find yourself right now, in thoughts and feelings, please know you are not alone. The 6 relationship areas I have created are to assist you on your journey to happiness:- - Pre-Marriage Counselling - Make up or break up - Legal Toolbox Separation/Divorce - Parenting our Children/Career Counselling - Dating in Today's World - Living in a Happy Step Family At different times in our lives we all need someone to speak too, someone to relate with, someone who's walked a similar path and someone who has survived. Relationship Resolutions doesn't dwell on the negatives or play blame games. We work together towards a positive future. We don't believe you can box solutions, we work with you personally and every solution is individually tailored to the individual situation. *100% confidential one on one sessions *You will never feel judged *You will always feel heard *You will receive honest information and goal settings *You will leave your sessions feeling more motivated *Weekend Retreats *Courses and Group sessions are available

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